Spencer Linford

Buyer Beware

What is a spirit?
Does it come when memories say so?
And drink to the_?.

Can you see it?
In performance? A dream? The face of the past?

When does it come?
The next part—
Is there something more?

—spirit rained down
soaked everyone
And we laughed—

we knew.
The spirit sells:
The truth
A rhythm
And a good time.

That’s how we sell it:
You don’t know what you’re buying,
Until you take it home
And see

What fits,
Where it fits,
And how it all hangs 
together when you 

when the spirit hits
You need to go outside and
Take it all in,
And see
What everyone is
Are they living for love?
Are they living for knowledge?
Are they living?

“To live for fun: be smart
And practice love.”
The spirit’s copyeditors are the best in the Book...
Maybe I’ll sign up for a

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