Spencer Linford

Figurative Flotsam

Snow covers,
cancels work
and the threat of a lesson.


There is a new problem.
How to pass the time?

Start by living:
Clean up the mess,
Plan the day,
Water the plants.

Let the rhythm of life take over
And things begin to flow.

Rhythmic flows melt
Cold and sprout:

A puzzle.   Grandma’s favorite

To pass the time.

There are plenty to choose

When granddad passed
Grandma used them
to beat time.

in a box
worn edges,
separate from the rest,
A puzzle—the marina:
seagulls perched on the railing

from the cold outside

I flip the box over,
And watch the lid 
slide off.

The pieces fall in a heap on the floor,
Along with a board,
Unburdening the box
Of its 
/ˈkäntents/ or


There are a few pieces stuck
On the board.

sections of pieces joined,
groups of three and four,
scattered here and there,
Glued down like a constellation.
Disparate parts
Connective clues
For the puzzle maker
to realize the bigger picture
of life                                                                                         Of a single puzzle.
to a seagull at the marina.

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