Spencer Linford

  • Funeral Instructions

    Funeral Instructions

    “I looked up death in the dictionary one day Just to see what the dictionary had to say It’s the complete and irreversible cessation of life functions Which is not very poetic but it’s precise and clean And if you analyze it what that means is When they’re gone, they’re gone”-Dan Reeder

  • Invisible Industry

    Invisible Industry

    I work late Nights stocking shelves Making sure everything is Straight. It is not much of a living, but I live. There is a boy Hardly over sixteen Bent and tired Who comes in at four in the morning To breakdown Boxes with a knife. We call him the Ripper. The Ripper and I, work…

  • Spring


    I remember your soft skin, The smell of your ear, The way you fried the eggs for breakfast. I have stopped eating eggs since you Left. It’s hard to stomach what could have been life When everything else has Died. My memory is like a tree now, Maturing with time and providing a place to…

  • Simple Answers

    Simple Answers

    Like most of existence, answers too are acts of faith.

  • Gray


    The less we remember, the more complete the belief in our memory.

  • A Hunting Trip

    A Hunting Trip

    There is a moment between the acquisition and fumbling of power where knowledge lives.

  • A Walk to the Train

    A Walk to the Train

    City life closely mimics the dead.

  • The Ride Home

    The Ride Home

    Daydreaming is symptomatic of a life adorned with the decorations of escape.

  • Generally American

    Generally American

    Is there anywhere to live besides the mind?

  • Rust and Repose

    Rust and Repose

    Time is the only true master.

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